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A Letter From Councillor Josh Matlow

Dear residents,

It has been my honour to have served for the last 12 years as your Councillor. It has been my sincere privilege to have worked with so many of you to improve build new parks, begin work on a new community centre, build several affordable childcare centres, move forward with real actions to improve property standards for tenants, provide supportive environments for our youth and seniors, and so much more. Your friendship and support during the three terms that I have served as your representative have meant the world to me. I feel very strongly that the City as a whole needs to move in a progressive direction, and work better for all of you. That's why I have announced that I will be running to be your Mayor. While I will still be serving as your Councillor for duration of the campaign, City rules dictate that I am no longer able to communicate with you through newsletters or be in attendance at public meetings on City matters. My office, however, will still be able to support you in regards to constituency matters. As always, please feel very welcome to contact me and my team at if we can be of any assistance. Sincerely, Josh

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