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Dine Collab Fathers Day 2021

Happy start to summer! Thank you so much for your continued support throughout the Dine Collab/Hillcrest BIA campaigns.

As many of you know, the Father's Day Event is taking place this weekend on Sunday June 20th at Pukka from 12-2pm.

The posters have been printed and we would be very grateful if you would consider putting up a poster in your front window or door to help spread the word and generate more community excitement. Several of you already have the poster displayed and we thank you!

In order to get more of our local Businesses involved for the weekend event, the Dine Collab team would be happy to insert up to 100 coupons, promotional cards, or flyers into all of our BBQ kits and gift sets that are going to be picked up on Sunday June 20th.

EMAIL US! If you have something ready to go, please contact us at dinecollab@gmail.com We will coordinate the best way to pick up your inserts prior to the weekend. We will need to have any promotional material in our hands by the end of day Friday June 18th in order to package everything properly.

If you can't make the deadline, please do not worry! We will be putting together packages of coupons/promotional inserts from any interested business throughout the summer and fall. These packages will be available for pickup by the community at "Ecoexistence" during regular business hours. This campaign will serve to jointly promote all of the amazing Hillcrest businesses throughout the coming months as we open our local economies and remind our local residents and others to "Shop Local First".

We will promote these coupon packages throughout our social media channels to let everyone know where they can be picked up.

Please email our team with any questions and if you are interested in participating this Father's Day weekend and/or in the coming weeks and months.

Thank you!

The Dine Collab Team

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