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Thanks so much for sticking with me

Dear Friend,

Wow. Lots has changed since the spring. I am working closely with Mayor Olivia Chow as a member of her Executive Committee to deliver affordable housing, restore service to the TTC, and many other priorities in our platform from the Mayoral campaign.

So many of you continue to stop me on the street and offer encouragement to deliver on the change Toronto needs. Thank you for your ongoing support! It has really touched me and my family.

You may have heard that our campaign still has debt left. This is pretty normal and we’re successfully working away at whittling it down. In fact, Olivia Chow has kindly offered to help us fundraise and we’re working on planning an event together. I’ll send you more details soon.

Until then, thanks for your kind words, ideas and inspiration.

Better is possible,

Josh Matlow

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