Spotlight on St.Clair

Spotlight on St.Clair celebrates the vibrant and diverse businesses in Hillcrest Village by showcasing one business each week!

Bitehaus Dental

833 St. Clair Avenue West

Bitehaus Dental is located at 833 St Clair Ave West and is owned by Dr. Aisling Whitaker & Dr. Anand Iyer. Bitehaus Dental opened its doors in 2018, their team specializes in general dentistry and Invisalign!


Quote From the Owner

“Our goal is to make a memorable patient experience. We want our patients to feel like dentistry is a part of their self-care routine and that they look forward to coming in. Our clinic has a friendly team, great music, calming scents and Netflix to enjoy during your appointment. We use all digital technology including a scanner to track your dental wellness - recession, tooth wear and any movements that happen over time.”

What do they love about Hillcrest Village?

The Hillcrest Village community is so welcoming and supportive of small businesses!


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